About Artist Troy Murrah & BUILT QUILT


Combining inherited family skills of quilting and carpentry, artist Troy Murrah uses thousands of wood fragments, cut from leftover remnants, to construct elaborate wall hangings that replicate traditional quilt patterns. Take a closer look, and find engravings of wallpaper designs—designed by the artist using imagery influenced by his past.


Troy holds a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas, Austin. He has 20+ years working in production and set design, building and designing recording studios, and saving up material (wood, metal, doors, window frames, etc.) leftover from these jobs along with discarded cabinetry and shelving left on the roadside.

Initially intended as a way to feel close to his mother (quilter and art educator Judy Murrah) after her passing, BUILT QUILT (wood quilts) ended up being a great way to use up the salvaged material and bring new life to the old. Taking on a life of its own, BUILT QUILT continues to expand with new artistic additions created by Troy Murrah.

For your listening enjoyment, check out Troy’s musical project: RESTAVRANT!

 Meesh & Troy driving into the future.

Meesh & Troy driving into the future.

About the Olafson Creative Collection

With his wife, Meesh, Troy offers a line of home furnishings and décor. Along with a small team, Olafson Creative incorporates Troy’s artwork, Meesh’s "great" ideas, and found imagery to offer an alternative to the mass-produced items already in the marketplace. Inspired by historical dramas, family tradition, backyard birding, architecture, and subcultures, their hopes are that these pieces will whisk you away to another place and time.

To say “hello” to the artist: Troy Murrah

For availability, commissions, & everything else: Meesh (Michelle Lee Murrah)